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In a decade-hopping storyline set against the cutthroat world of 1980's LA fashion, the lives of a gutsy runaway and brash photographer collide in a tumultuous relationship with profound consequences.

Growing up in an abusive home on the wrong side of tracks in 1980’s Mississippi, Becky-Lynn Lee doesn’t have the luxury of dreaming. But still, she harbors a secret passion for photography and an instinctual eye for it.

When the ultimate betrayal forces her to run, she chooses the beautiful promises of Hollywood. She’s got nothing to lose—and everything to prove.

There she meets charismatic, up-and-coming fashion photographer Jack Gallagher. He offers her an opportunity she never dreamed possible—a job as his photographer’s assistant. But Jack has demons of his own. The rejected bastard of an iconic fashion photographer, he’s driven to succeed, no matter the cost. Can she trust him?

As Becky-Lynn and Jack navigate their lives through the unforgiving lens of the fashion world, the decisions they make rock not only their lives but the lives of all in their orbit. Now that lens is focused on Becky-Lynn, threatening all she’s fought for. Will she find the strength to release the past and fully embrace her future?


"Packed with glamour and romance, Red is a powerful story about trading love for fame."

A Little Romance