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Lance Alexander might have been named after the noblest of romantic heroes, but he was all business when it came to looking for a wife--and free spirited Madi Muldoon wasn't at all what he had in mind. She was cocky, confident, and a shameless flirt who couldn't be intimidated... but the tawny-eyed beauty was wickedly irresistible. Passionate Madi secretly shared his desire for home and family, but only when it came with true love. No man had ever touched her, body and soul, the way Lance did, but could she make him believe that wishes made on a full moon would always come true?


"One of Erica's early romances re-released as an ebook. Excellent, quick reading!! Fabulous love story between the two main characters. I loved the struggled as they tried to ignore and talk themselves out of the pull they were both feeling. Definitely worth the buy!"

Anonymous (Amazon Reader)

"I feel Ms. Spindler is at the top of her genre with the mystery romance and this was another enjoyable read."

Linda (Amazon Reader)