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When OPPOSITES ATTRACT, sparks fly . . .

Elizabeth Waters dreams of being a renown artist, confident in herself and her art. She longs to be alluring and sophisticated. The kind of woman her boss, art dealer Chance Michaels, couldn’t resist.

But she isn’t any of those things. She is mousey, little Beth, Art One’s receptionist, afraid to let Chance know her true feelings for him—or for him to see the art she creates in secret.

Chance lives a charmed life. He’s known throughout the LA art community for his ability to find and launch spectacular new artists. He dates smart, successful women, ones as experienced and adventurous as he; his calendar is filled with high-profile events. Then why does he feel like there’s something’s missing from his life? Why this . . . restlessness? And why do thoughts of his shy receptionist pop into his head at the most inopportune times?

When Chance sees a series of sketches Beth accidentally brings to work, he’s intrigued. Not wanting him to know they’re hers, she tells they belong to her sister Liza. Beth thinks that will be the end of that.

But it isn’t. One untruth leads to another and before Beth realizes how deep she’s in, she’s created a twin sister who’s everything she’s not—daring, mysterious and alluring, an outrageous flirt and free spirit, unafraid of go after what she wants.

And Chance is what she wants.

Beth is shocked to discover how she enjoys playing the temptress . . . and how reckless his caresses make her feel.

But how long can she keep up this dangerous charade? Especially now that she’s fallen in love with and wants him to love her for who she really. And when Chance discovers the truth, will she lose him forever?


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